Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to bypassing YouTube Country Restrictions And Watch Videos In Any Country

HOW TO Bypassing YouTube Country Restrictions And Watch Videos In Any Country

The Youtube geographical video viewing restrictions were easily bypassed using a simply URL trick shared earlier, however the hack is no longer working so here we have a new working solution to view videos without the regional/geographic block anywhere in world.

As Google has clearly explained why a particular video is being blocked in your country you can easily bypass this limitation by accessing the video from any other countries proxy or vpn.

The problem with this solution is that due to high-bandwidth costs not all free proxies/vpn services support video streaming, luckily one such free service gets the job done works well and all you need to do is to access the video from HIDE MY ASS website .

Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 Most useful desktop applications for documents

MartView Free Desktop application
Martview is an eBook reader that is compatible with pdf file and mart file. With comfortable & clean layout to maximize your reading pleasure on computer.
Experience the new concept of digital reading. Martview reader was geared up to provide more options in reading interaction, which allows your magazine reading more easier, yet comfortable.Clean layout with sleek design that is easy on the eye, added with crisp images that brings your reading pleasure on your own desktop to a whole new level.
Experience the convenience of reading on a computer like never before. With doubled up interactive features which allow you to Flip, slide, scroll, pinch, circle and many more gestures to keep you excited.

Browse eMags & eBooks: Thousands of free ebooks & magazines uploaded by martview users around the world will sure to fulfill your reading interest. Download within martview conveniently & securely. Just have a look here

Notification: Java 1.6 or higher is a pre-requisite
Compatible :   Windows 7 32 bits -  Windows Vista 32 bits  - Windows XP 32 bits
Type Desktop Application / updated 4/18/11 /  24.6 MB Freeware

Microsoft Office Word Viewer Free Desktop application
Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003 lets you open Word 2003 documents and documents created with all previous versions of Microsoft Word for Windows and Microsoft Word for Macintosh. 
In addition to Word document files (.doc), you can also open files saved in the following formats: Rich Text Format (.rtf), text (.txt), Web Page formats (.htm, .html, .mht, .mhtml), WordPerfect 5.x (.wpd), WordPerfect 6.x (.doc, .wpd), Works 6.0 (.wps), Works 7.0 (.wps), XML (.xml),.
With Word Viewer 2003, you can view, print, and copy document contents to another program. However, you cannot edit an open document, save a document, or create a new document.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to backup everything For Windows Computers,a Handy Backup Solution

Largest external hard drive backup might be a cunning thing. On the one hand it entices you with the superlative degree: l a r g e s t! If there is hard drive to offer enough space for backing up all the valuable data you have (plus videos of kitties doing tricks), it is most surely the largest one : handybackup.

Handy Backup Solution For Windows Computers
When it comes to backups, the first thing to manage in view of the largest hard drive backup is (what would you think?) to get the largest hard drive. Which one is the largest by the way? Currently, 3TB is a popular choice, and even roomy devices are available. Just remember that one or two sizes smaller than the largest drive that's currently available is usually the sweet spot in the price range.
But who needs the common sense if the piggy bank has enough coins and one wants to be the Kung Fu Master of personal data storage? Suppose we got the largest drive; time to consider software for backup to external hard drives,...or not?

Before using backup software, it makes sense to get your hard drive operating. The grim reality fact is that it might be a problem to make your PC see something bigger than 2.2TB the right way. The thing is that Microsoft is not so optimistic about you using storages larger than 2.2TB in its 32-bit consumer operating systems (including Windows 7). 
In fact they are that not-so-optimistic about ‘monster’ storages that the support of >2.2TB is also excluded from the 64-bit XP. Even if you manage to work the problem out somehow, it is highly probable that the storage will be like 2.2TB plus additional capacity (say, 800GB for a 3TB drive), the two volumes instead of a single drive.

But there is no such thing Microsoft can screw so badly it can’t be crutched, the commonly known wisdom of masses says. Fortunately, there are drivers and utilities that help to use gigantic hard drives as an additional storage with Windows, from XP to later editions. So, suppose we got the object of our passion, the lovely largest hard drive, operating properly.

What does a neat program should be like to manage the largest hard drive backup respectfully? That’s what Handy Backup offers.

1. Everything backup
So, you want your backup software to store everything on the largest hard drive? Let it be everything! Files, folders, disk images, applications (... the precious nerve saving Outlook backup), system settings, MS Exchange, MS SQL, Lotus Notes, other ODBC-compatible databases, your favorite type of data. Handy Backup’s powerful functionality expandable up to eternity with the plug-ins backs up everything you need.

2.Variety of supported media
Want to back up data from your largest external hard drive? Well, that could take lots of media. Backup to DVD, Blu-ray, USB drives, and other popular carriers are readily supported by Handy Backup. Back up to FTP and SFTP? Not a problem.

So, you transfer data from the largest external hard drive to the variety of supported media? Isn’t the data from the largest drive going to be bulky for storing on less capacious carriers? Not with Handy Backup and its’ spanning talent. Separate the backups into parts easily and get them gained together when you need them. Backup software to DVD has never been friendlier.

4.Online backup cloud storage
Care about security of your backup data? Keep it on a protected remote server in an underground data center, with the Online Backup cloud storage option by Handy Backup. And yes, there is enough space there to store the entire largest drive.

5.Ultimate automation
The largest hard drive longs for plenty of data. And plenty of data is plenty of efforts to properly manage it. This is a formula no more actual with Handy Backup, as all the backup tasks are easily schedulable. Set it once and let the software do the dull job (it will be happy to).

6.Powerful network backup
Your largest external hard drives are in a network? Great! Handy Backup is the right server backup software to fit your backup needs as there are centralized ‘one-man’ control of network backup, backup of MS Exchange, invisible for workstation backup in the Windows service mode, and other smart backup options.
Hope this brief overview helped you to get some enthusiasm about considering handy software and pointed out tips to accomplish the backup mission gorgeously. Because gorgeously is exactly how the largest hard drive deserves it.

By the way, careful users may discover that the volume size of the largest external hard drive is not the same to what the manufacturers impose to be the nominal capacity. The reason is the difference in the ways your computer and those manufacturers see what the volume size is.
Manufacturers: 1.2TB = 1,200GB = 1,200,000MB = 1,200,000,000KB = 1,200,000,000,000byte
Computer: 1,200,000,000,000byte/1024 = 1,171,875,000KB/1024 = 1,144,400.91796875MB = 1,140GB = 1.14TB.
The difference something like 5%-10% is common and shouldn’t worry you thus.
Backups are a must for every computer user dealing with important data - be it files, music, videos or images.

How to repair the Avast anti virus when it was stops working.

After a lot of times you install and used, on a random case of trouble your Avast Antivirus free software was stopped and do not running.Whether you've done many ways and put on Fix Now button, but Avast did not running back .All features as Real Times Shield and Additional Protection of Avast also disabled.

When you use "System restore" to restore the system, then a red warning dialog showing  the software error message:"Unsecure . Your system is not protected.Please use Fix Now...your system"

Thus, you should apply the following ways to fix this error:

  • First: Right click the Avast software icon on the system tray, select   Avast shield control > and select Disable until Computer is restarted >, then click  Yes in the pop up windows appearing  and restarted your computer .

If this does not effect you need to apply the next step.

  • Second way: from the button Start > Run and you just typing services.msc > and click on OK. In the window that appears, navigate to the "Avast Antivirus service" and doule-click on it to open the properties of the service.In the "service status"  press Start  to restart the service, at the "startup type" you select the "Automatic" operation and click OK , then restart the computer.
  • Third way: You have to download and running their tool Avast Uninstall Utility (   to remove your current Avast software in the computer safe mode (press F8 when the computer starts to boot) apply to remove Avast software.After , download the latest software version from Avast's home page ( and re-installing new.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flash pro and Master suite CS4(CS5) active free guide ,a how to useful resource.

Useful guide 1 theFlashBlogger resources : 

There is no doubt that cracker's always tend to be one step ahead of software creators, no matter how tough the software protection is they always come up with a method to bypass it sooner or later.

But, Adobe seems to be very unlucky with their CS4 product release, first it was the Photoshop CS4 ( now CS5 ) leak and now Adobe Creative Suite 4 got cracked and keygened within three days of its initial release, massive sized trial version of Adobe CS4 suite with crack patches made their way on torrent portals and file-sharing websites within days after release.

After generating the key using the keygen, users simply need to block access to Adobe Activation servers using their firewalls or Windows HOSTS file, effectively disabling the CS4 licensing system from verifying the registration serial-key.
  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, open the “hosts” file there with Notepad.
  • Add the following lines at the end of the file: localhost
::1 localhost
  • Save, NOT save as, and quit both applications.
  • Launch any CS4 application, use the serial to activate.
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache  and delete the file “cache.DB”
  • Enter a new serial number for the applications and open up any Adobe Creative Suite program.
Now everything should be working fine. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

Useful guide 2 Bloggin Blogger resources :  (100% for students best searching on google "Flash pro and master suite cs4 free guide for active" )

The problem lies within the “amtlib.dll” file in each of the CS4 application directories. However, downloading a simple fix and updating each of the files with a newer one can solve this problem.
          Adobe Creative Suite 4 Keygen & Activation Patch   
Installation Instructions
Never connecting to the internet when installing and on the way free using
  1. Disconnect from the internet .
  2. Install your CS4 suite or software using the trial option.(download from links above of guide 1 ) and DO NOT using.Installing right after your downloading completed .
  3. Finish installing and DO NOT register
  4. Run the 'Activation Blocker.bat' file (run as administrator- run file activation.bat ).
  5. Copy the file 'amtlib.dll' into the install directory overwriting the exsisting file...( copy file amtlib.dll in folder crack\amtlib.dll(32bit) and/or copy file amtlib.dll in folder crack\amtlib.dll(64bit)   .
  6. Run an Adobe program and enter a serial using the keygen. (run file keygen and click to Generating and copy & paste this new key).
  7. Done :-))

NOTE - This will not reactivate a product if it has already been shown as 'Licence expired'. To solve that setthe date back then deactivate your product (check the box to remove the serial also). Then put the dateforward and enter a new serial :-))

Friday, April 8, 2011

How to download free and Install Windows Live Essential 2011 without internet

Install Windows Live Essential 2011 without internet

Blogging Expert blog post.

Windows Live Essential 2011 is a collection of free software programs from Microsoft. It includes tools like Live Messenger, Photogallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Mesh, Windows Live Writer, Bing Bar, Microsoft Silverlight and more. Ideally, you can easily download and install Windows Live Essential software suite on PC with internet connection from the official website. How to download and install Windows Live Essential 2011 software suite on computer with no internet connection?

Offline download of Windows Live Essential 2011

Microsoft also offer complete offline download-able package of Windows Live Essential 2011 software suite. Downloaded file can be used to install all program tools contained in Essential 2011 suite on computer with no internet connection.
  1. Open Essential download webpage on computer with internet connection.
  2. Then download Essential suite software for language of your choice on the PC.
  3. Copy and transfer the downloaded file to computer with no internet connection. You can transfer downloaded file using USB pen drive or by burning on a CD or DVD disc.
  4. Double click the copied Essential suite software file on PC with no internet connection. Follow on-screen instructions to complete installation of Windows Live Essential 2011 software suite on PC with no internet connection.

Download Free Microsoft Security Essential Anti-Virus – full Final version.

“Microsoft Security Essential” is a free security software from Microsoft. Its beta version created lot of buzzand was appreciated by majority of users for providing adequate protection at no cost. Microsoft has now removed beta tag and released stable & final version of its free security software
This software provide real-time protection for your home PC and guards against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. It has easy to use interface and surprisingly does not hog too many system resources. It is available for free download and use on Windows 7, Vista & XP (both 32 & 64 bit version). Download from Microsoft or alternative Softpedia download. Note: Your PC must run genuine Windows to install.