Thursday, March 27, 2008

Save any file on the web with Web2PDFonline.

WEB2PDF online dot com.

If you want to save any post page on Usefultip-web,simply click on the button i have been placed on header of post page.This is an useful Button for anyway we want to save a post page and download to our harddisk with format PDF.
You can get this button for use on your own site , go to WEB2PDF online dot com, all instruction are on this website and you could be get it very easy.
Notes of Usefultip-web :
You can embed this script on your Sidebar by add to a new page element ̣ blogger blog and other website accept Html embed. Some users could not open the page by "edit Html" and find exact where to embed this code,try our simple guide: embed to your side bar element.

The screenshot below showing many experience program of The Web2PDF online.

Tips to make your website-weblog much better than ever.

Everyone would like to know how to make more better than other website and weblog ,this post will share a part of bloggers-thinking- you may need for make-it yourself.

If you want to build a successful website then it will have to be more than just another 'standard' website. You will have to consider many relevant factors. Here are some major tips regarding the content and the behavior of users online.
  • 1. If you want to follow a success of another website, be careful. Trends tend to disappear fast and the windows of opportunities is very small.
  • 2. Support both browsers!! 17% of the users online use Firefox.
  • 3. They will never be back on a site that cheated them by not keeping their free promises.
  • 4 Users love free stuff or stuff that saves them money, time and efforts.
  • 5. Users hate registration forms; so if you must make it, make it short and simple and stay away from the confirmation process.
  • 6. Users do not like to spend time contributing stuff (unless they get benefit of it or they like something special to try for share ).
  • 7. Users are afraid of junk mail. Reassure them by promising not to send any.
  • 8. Users will not trust a valuable service that has no brand name on it as they will fear that it will close down or start charging after awhile, so don't waste time on online application that most people already have on their desktops.
  • 9. Users that take part in one or two social network will not bother to go to the third and the fourth as it’s bothersome and they will get tired of inviting or being invited to networks so often..
  • 10. Users are not looking for wow effects, they want a simple website something they understand.
  • 11. Sharing isn't a natural thing for people; do not trust them to provide you content, tempt them.
  • 12. People need to feel secure. If your site will cause any system message to load they will run away.
  • 13. Don't expect people to understand anything, make it easy and simple and always try to improve the simplicity factor.
  • 14. Don't let them wait; a massive flash on the front page is not a good idea no matter how cool it is.
  • 15. People are technically stupid, but very wise and fast to understand a trick, don't try to trick them.
  • 16. Stay updated. Offer new things all the time because users are curious and you want them to keep visiting.
  • 17. Do not use a web hosting service that has less than 90% uptime because one downtime that will prevent the user (especially new one) from logging in and this customer is lost.
  • 18. Stay away from pop-ups. Users are terrified of them and as long as you have no control of the pop-ups content you may not be able to prevent a non-suitable content from loading. Pop-unders are fine but make it limited. I know you can make money of them but you will not make money if your customers will not come back.
  • 19. Don't listen to experts! Take 10 experts and you'll get 10 different advises.
  • 20. Listen to yourself as a user and never do on your site what you don't like on others. As a rule if there is something that annoys you on a website, you can be assured you are not the only one.
  • 21.When a site is an exact clone users like a notice and this puts them off
  • 22. Do not plant in your site anything that requires a special plug-in. Most people do not know what a plug-in means and may be affraid to this.
  • 23. Remember that users do not like to pay
  • 24. Anyway, decide to successful website -weblog ,simple way to make it better! With more features, so that you can say your site-blog is better.
Some tips to make a better website > Web 2.0 application
source of beyond weblogs.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Create a screensaver 3D Fying with your Picture.(XP)

XP TIPS 3D Flying object
Use photos in Windows XP’s 3D Flying Objects

If you’re familiar with Windows XP’s My Pictures Slideshow screen saver to display photos of loved ones, here’s a twist that you might find interesting — you can use a photo for the texture in the 3D Flying Objects screen saver. Here’s how:
  1. Locate the photo you want to use in this screen saver, load it into a graphics program, and save it as a BMP file. (BMP is the only file type the 3D Flying Objects screen saver will allow you to select.) Use Paint to save as a new file of your jpg picture.
  2. Right-click on the desktop, select Properties, select the Screen Saver tab, and select 3D Flying Objects from the Screen Saver drop-down list.
  3. Click the Settings button and select Textured Flag from the Style drop-down list.
  4. Click the Texture button and use the Choose Texture File dialog box to locate and select your photo.
  5. Crank up Resolution and Size sliders to the Max setting and click OK to close the 3D Flying Objects Setting dialog box.
  6. Click the Preview button to test your new screen saver, then click OK to enable it.

Sample : use Paint to change picture format jpg to BMP with save as.

Open your 3D Fying object Screensaver dialog box and select texture flag.
(may be your XP has lost this pics, it not troube ,continue to next step

Preview screen saver 3D fying with my pic.

(clipped from :

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Get your Flickr picture with full tags (mdebr script)

Useful Tip with your Flickr pictures
A Flickr photo embedding utility.

This utility will allow you to embed a photo from Flickr on your own site while retaining any annotated regions present on the original. This utility called Mbedr
See the example below. If the photo you want to include on your site doesn't have any annotations ("notes", as Flickr calls them), then don't bother using this utility, as it's pointless.

Only public photos can be used with this utility at the moment. Mbedr owner may in the future figure out how to use Flickr's authentication calls to enable sharing of non-public photos for which you have the appropriate permissions, but that doesn't work yet.

In the field below, enter the Flickr photo number of the photo you want to embed. The photo number can be found in the URL at Flickr. In the following two sample URLs, the photo number is highlighted in yellow:

Alternately, add Mbedr to your favorites or toolbar, and when you're at a flickr page with a photo you want to embed, click on it. You'll be taken directly to the corresponding Mbedr page.
The only difference is that with the Mbedr version, you can view the notes without having to visit the Flickr page.Read full intro page please Go to Mbedr sub-site of elsewheredotcom .

Add Tag widget to your pictures like Flickr tag.

Useful Tip with Tag .

Taggify is a web widget which allows bloggers and publishers enhance their sites by adding visual tags to any site's images. ( it's look like same as tags added when upload your pics to flickr ) .
Visual tag is a clicktable image region tagged with some title .description and link. When visitor moves mouse over such region Taggify shows popup tooltip with interesting content provided by the publisher.
There's you can go to and grab this useful script.

NOTES by Usefultip-web : website give instruction to copy generated code and past it to the bottom of our page template, right before the < /BODY> closing tag .
But -if you use or any website that save your template page with XML format ; you will see a notice of error code of "fade" end closing tag . Simply ,you can copy this Taggify code by add a new element ( layout-your sidebar) ,Taggify widget was work well .( you don't see any text of this script on your element ).

you could be add the Taggify code on your sidebar instead of end body closing tag

How to : Change format of a file with freehand tip.

Sometime we would like to use a picture already downloaded but it was .php format ,if you're download and knowing exact this file is a picture ; simply use this tip.
Another case for some music file formats ,their are very easy to convert to another format ( wma to mp3 or other...) that you do not need any software or application to do it.
I call it : as an usefultip on the web. Watch this Video skills :.

The Flash Blogger: Windows Movie Maker crashing-A most useful tip to repair.

Window Movie Maker 2.1 for XP Tip.
UPDATE : if you want to make your video ,this Screen Capture Free software is an easiest application for your need, capture in real time and make an AVI file output automatically.Reading this post on Usefultip-web.blogger.
( This is an experience tip that you may not re-install XP SP2 or updating from Microsoft update to resolve the problem WMM crashing , for our friend suggest this tip in the past and here is how to ? ).
This post has been added to .See this link Digg this !

When you has mistake on re-setup your media or some plugins may be as a problem that your Movie maker crashed.
For help tech instructions ,everyone must be updating the system from Microsoft to repair Windows Movie maker 2.1 or you could be re-install your XP.I am not sure that what is your problem but all of the case now is : you want and need to repairing the Windows Movie Maker. I am also same as many other WMM users that we do not uninstall and re-install XP ; another problem that many of XP user have been updated but WMM do not working , it seems there is another case WMM has lost some files only and Microsoft update services doesn t find out these files .
At last ,our WMM ...gone forever !
This is a true tip that i already give instructions to our friends and all of their was setup success.Windows Movie maker working as just the moment after rebooting.

  1. Make a copy of Windows Movie maker 2.1 Folder on a PC that WMM work well , take a look at the version 2.1 ( not 2.0 ). this folder is in the program Files of your C: Hard Drive. the link is same as C:\Program Files\movie maker\ ( You can grab this copy folder following my link below this post page if you can not copy to another PC )
  2. Go to your movie maker folder ( C:\program Files\movie maker\) : you will see 3 sub-folder same as this : 1033 - MUI - Share and a lot of files .dll (9 or 11 files ). Now you must be Delete one by one and replace by copy and paste the new folder of you copy.(Delete folder 1033 and copy folder 1033 new then paste inside the movie maker folder,continuing with MUI and Share ).This tip for replace and do not give a double folder with same name.
  3. Now you delete all files .dll and any file you see in the movie make folder , copy all files of your new copy folder and paste to replace those files.
  4. Go to your Star menu-Program ,find movie maker folder and paste the Windows Movie Maker.lnk on it or do the same thing as above delete and paste new. ( C:\Document & setting\all user\start menu\program\movie maker ) may be you do not have this movie maker folder because the problem was delete it.
  5. Now Shutdown and reboot your PC. That is all ,you will see your WMM and work well from now.
OF WMM2.1 FOR USE WITH THIS TIP.(Please follows the update below for new downloading,all link host to File-Io has died because time-limits 30days)

After the downloading ,you must be unzip 3 files i give you here ,extract to a new folder on D:\ ( for most secure ) , you would be copy and paste one by one after the delete .After the replacement your movie maker folder amount 9.2MB ( from 11MB for version 2.1- if your old version 2.0 it's only 7.2MB)
- Link download of Movie maker folder for your download.4.3MB
- Link download of WMM.lnk file shortcut replace in Starmenu-program.516KB.
- Link of 1033 Folder will replace with same folder name.10.8KB
* Please drop me a comment if the link not work ( may be after 30 days i will re-uploaded a newest follows the site limited)

UPDATE : file hosting on Mediafire for your convenience on downloading.(link not time limits).
Here are your download links:

Click or copy and paste to your browser for download WMM.2.1 4.3MB main program folder right on Mediafire website ,i make this link for sure if all link above (or below) has a trouble.( if any but i'm sure those links works very good).

HERE ARE another source of WMM FILES download links, files hosted to non-limits time.
This post re-direct to The Flash Blogger:
Windows Movie Maker crashing-A most useful tip to repair.

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A short introduction

Usefultip-web is a place to show the beauty of guide-tip