Thursday, March 20, 2008

Add Tag widget to your pictures like Flickr tag.

Useful Tip with Tag .

Taggify is a web widget which allows bloggers and publishers enhance their sites by adding visual tags to any site's images. ( it's look like same as tags added when upload your pics to flickr ) .
Visual tag is a clicktable image region tagged with some title .description and link. When visitor moves mouse over such region Taggify shows popup tooltip with interesting content provided by the publisher.
There's you can go to and grab this useful script.

NOTES by Usefultip-web : website give instruction to copy generated code and past it to the bottom of our page template, right before the < /BODY> closing tag .
But -if you use or any website that save your template page with XML format ; you will see a notice of error code of "fade" end closing tag . Simply ,you can copy this Taggify code by add a new element ( layout-your sidebar) ,Taggify widget was work well .( you don't see any text of this script on your element ).

you could be add the Taggify code on your sidebar instead of end body closing tag

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