Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogger in Draft get all Google Gadgets just one click !

Blogger in Draft ! why you don't try it ?
Try to get Google Gadgets into your blog sidebar more easily , with Blogger in draft you could be use many other new feature for your blogging, bloggers needs.
I will shows only "add a gadget" feature that in your blogger ( not in draft) appear it with "add a new page element", with this i can get any Google gadget just with one click ,do not need to get code and insert embed code same as before .

Useful widget for bloggers : get Spotplex.

( Update April 2008 - sorry to all - Spotplex is down of service -listed in deadpool -read on Techcrunch )
What's Spotplex ?

A new Free service for online content aggregation & ranking widget.
I recommend to you an useful service that dynamically provides an instant, impartial ranking of popular Web content With this service,.Internet users are not required to change their behavior to generate content rankings and for your site it accurately reflects what people read most today.You can easily seeing their services on blogger-blog Embed Spotplex on sidebar.(sample)
Embed Spotplex on
By inserting a single line of HTML code into your blog-site, bloggers can instantly track the number of article reads, which is dynamically updated on the Spotplex site.
Spotplex guide to embed their widget into Page template of any standard website.
just insert within body and body end tag
For embed into blog ,you can easily open a new page element and insert Spotplex code and save.Spotplex widget will appear on blog sidebar ,but starting to track your code number with your page after a few hour.On Clipmarks showing below you can insert your URL for get code number to use Spotplex right now,or you would be go to their website

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Get your Spotplex code

Get the Spotplex code for your blog or any site with RSS feed. Whenever your articles are read, they will show up on Spotplex while also letting you find how many people are reading your articles.

Traffic analysis tailored for bloggers

More traffic to your site

Your blog address:

How Spotplex Works?
Get your Spotplex code for your blog or any site with RSS feed.
Whenever your aricles are read, they will show up Spotplex and you can also find how many people read your articles.
Traffic analysis tailored for bloggers
More traffic to your site

What people are reading in the world - Last 24 hours

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Get FireFox Portable 3.5 to using right now !


While the final version of Firefox 3 will supposedly be launched in June (at least that’s the latest news from official sources), as an avid software tester I can’t keep myself from testing every single beta that comes out before the great day arrives. On the downside, this means that my Firefox installation may end up being a total mess: running different versions of the same program is never a good idea, and even less in the case of Firefox which I use to work on a daily basis.
If you can’t wait until the final version comes out, but at the same time don’t want to run any risks with your current Firefox version, use the portable Firefox instead. This special Firefox edition can be run from a USB device - or from your computer itself, without having to install a single thing. In this way you can take a sneak peek at the new exciting Firefox 3 features without compromising your previous installation and therefore your bookmarks, saved data, user profile and so on.
Now that you’ve managed to test Firefox 3 without ruining the good ol’ Firefox 2, what about extensions? Most of them may not be compatible with the latest beta yet so you’re probably wondering if there’s any way to make them work. And the answer is yes: it’s called Nightly Tester Tool , an extension that’s been especially developed to make your old extensions compatible with the latest Firefox 3 beta versions. Of course, this is no magical cure for all extension incompatibility issues, but I must say it worked for me perfectly fine. Nightly Tester Tool also adds some useful tools for beta testers, such as a built-in screenshot app, direct access to the Profiles folder and a log file analyzer.
( clipped via Softonic Blog )

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Get all Free Webtools for your blog-site.

Free Web Tools for everyone.
On the way to blogging ,sometime we need a tool for making better to our websites ,our weblogs ,our blogs but we don't have skills to get-it same as a webmaster pro. At here ,i recommend to you a website that meet to our needed with their services. Also to using iwebtool on their site we can grab embed code of all web tools to apply for our site free (no need to registering or sign up).

clipped from
Home. Web Tools. Discussion. Directory. AdsFlip. Services. Accounts.
Search Engines
Backlink Checker
Find a list of backlinks linking to a specific website.
Google Banned Checker
Discover whether a website is banned on Google.
Google PageRank Prediction
Predict your future Google PageRank.
Index Checker
Check for the total number of pages of a specific website which are present on search engines.
Link Popularity
Retrieve a number of backlinks of a specific website from search engines.
PageRank Checker
View Google PageRank on different Google servers.
Visual PageRank
View the PageRank of links visually rather than in text.
Domain Checkups
Alexa Traffic Rank
View and compare Alexa Ranking graphs.
Domain Look-up
Retrieve a range of information about a domain.
Google Adsense Calculator
Quickly calculate your Adsense earnings based on Page Impressions.
Need a URL shortening, Fexr at your service click here
Upload & Share images free with Sleezo click here
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A look at to Sound machines and try your theme.

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Maybe, you had watched this beautiful and very realistic computer animation where the virtual graphics instruments made of pipes, strings and balls were playing digital music. It was very popular some years ago and even many people had believed that Incredible Music Machine was real. Watch this one first before the real action:

Now, such a machine became a reality by the efforts of Absolut Visionaries. The whole instrument system consists of rubber balls, wooden keys, tuned wine glasses, robotic fingers. The most interesting part of the story is that you can interact with the Absolut Quartet machine at website online. You can enter your theme for some seconds, and the clever sound machine will perform it like an musical ensemble. Yeah, another creative reason for us to drink that flamefull Vodka! :) Here is the video:

There are 2 more sound machines I have found unique. If you are further interested in, visit also Pe lang + zimoun machine and Festo sound machine.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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Blogging for money ,
it's a real life with so many tips.
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