Friday, June 13, 2008

More Twitter applications.

TWITTER APPLICATIONS that you may needed.

I create my new Twitter for the convenient if everyone would like to grab some newest useful tips ( especially for make money online and for my friends of the YouSayToo community ) directly ,don't need to reading on my blogger blog post.
Follow my short guide on Twitter for get new useful tips .
There are so many great applications integrating with Twitter and i would like to share  and take a look more about them on using ,read my next post. ( update weekly).

At First ,I clipped from Twitter blog and from other source on updating this post.

Twitter Your Signature
Use "Many forums, Blogs, and other web services allow you to have images as part of your signature. allows you to display your current twitter status as an image."

Twitter Labels: apps.
Click this link and GO ! Twitsig.

Twitter Through Skitch

We love Skitch. We really love Skitch! Of course it's a fantastic application: beautiful and easy to use. We open it on a regular basis to highlight and pass anything from UI Mockups to Bug reports around Twitter HQ.

Of course it's only natural we were thrilled to hear they've integrated Twitter support! Read more about Twitter integration in Skitch and using Skitch to Twitter an image.

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Lazy Much?
Check out, "When you have a question and are convinced that someone out there has already done the research and knows the answer you turn to asking the LazyWeb for advice." Ben has noticed that lots of folks already use Twitter as an easy way to ask the LazyWeb so he created a new service that improves upon that use case.

Dearlazyweb is a personal tool which works over Twitter for querying the LazyWeb. It takes any message you send it and allows every Twitter user a chance to answer. Check out the help page for more information about how it works. To get the most out of Dear LazyWeb you need to have a Twitter account and must follow dearlazyweb.

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Hooray for (Virtual) Gifts!

OMG this is fun: Virtual gifts over Twitter: "Tweetgift is a simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend. all you need is a twitter account. Just reply to tweetgift and use our syntax to send gifts to your friends. Every gift starts with @tweetgift, then a friend's username, and the gift with an optional message."

    example: @tweetgift @biz trophy for a job well done.

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Using Picasa Webalbum shows "Celebrity kisses" and Brangelina

Passion Celebrity Kisses ,a full post reading from community ad revenue sharing.

PICASA WEBALBUM of TheFlashblogger.

Zemanta Pixie

Explore your Twitter friends fastest with FloaTwitter.

FLOATwitter from Greenspace.

Nothing to write neither FloaTwitter.
You can try to use don't need sign up or anything,just insert your Twitter name in the first dialog box and click to "Start".The second dialog box for your protect with password.( after this time anyone insert your Twitter name just give the right password related to Twiter acc password)

For exploring friend of friend use the left arrow button and you will see all.
Have fun ;-)


FloaTwitter URL .

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One of a best Button generator for your need "AS-Button-gen"

Bloggers always need some nice button for used on the blog ,but sometime we vast our time to create a button not usual .Now , i recommend to you a new button generators that would be most useful for blogging. Go to AS Button Generator online website and you see that's what i did , i'm right ? Try it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

One click to check your web/blog popularity,rangkings and more...

Now , everyone can checking your website-weblog with full source results , and more faster than other checker-web tools i listed before ; just insert your web or blog URL below my clipmarks , see all featuring and click "Check" button ,try now !. You can go to URLMETRIX to used this tool later.
clipped from

Check your web popularity, rankings and more ...

  • Title: ?

  • Google PageRank: ?

  • Alexa rank: ?

  • Compete rank: ?

  • Quantcast rank: ?

  • Technorati Rank: ?

  • Google Indexed: ?

  • Yahoo Indexed: ?

  • Google BackLinks: ?

  • Yahoo BackLinks: ?

  • Delicious Bookmarks: ?

  • Wikipedia External Links: ?

  • DMOZ Links: ?

  • Google Blog Search Links: ?

  • Technorati Blog Reactions: ?

url metrix

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Blogging with a new application :Blog me up! Zemanta .

Zemanta logo
Today , i grab this useful application for bloggers on the way to blogging more better.Look at to Zemanta dot com :

Have your browser understand what you are blogging about and suggest pictures, links, articles and tags to make your posts more vibrant. Zemanta application just give and are making blogging fun again.

What does Zemanta do for bloggers ?
  •  Saves time - interesting relevant content from around the web is placed when you need it on your dashboard.
  • Drives traffic - search engines love better tagged content and Zemanta is suggesting your content to be linked to from other users.
  • Works everywhere - you can use Zemanta on any popular blogging platform or browser.
When you’re a new blogger trying to build traffic, you’re up against incredible odds. First, unless you’re writing about the intimate details of your personal life (and sometimes, even if you are) there’s a solid chance that other people are writing about the same thing.
they are probably doing a better job. The rote wisdom is that in order to build traffic, you need to build community, and one of most frequently cited ways to do this is to link to other blogs. Not only does citing other sources raise the likelihood of reciprocal linking, it is a good way to reflect your authority.

Zemanta, a company based in London and Slovenia, thinks it has an answer: Blog and article suggestions, delivered in real time, as you write your blog.

Blog me up! | Zemanta Ltd.
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