Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get a Christmas tree 2008 for your desktop now !

DC: National Christmas TreeImage by wallyg via FlickrI found This Christmas tree from The Respectsoft.com

If you didn’t have enough a previous post about how to have your own Christmas themed interactive desktop, here’s another software app that can help you show your eagerness to celebrate the upcoming 2008 holidays. Free Christmas Tree is a desktop companion, that is, a small piece of software that sits right on your desktop and acts as some kind of virtual decoration for your PC. And, as you can tell by its name, this time the decoration comes in the shape of a Christmas tree.
This little digital tree can be customized with different skins, including several trees in various sizes and also an array of Christmas balls. Plus, it displays a countdown clock that you can set to calculate the time left for Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or Julian Christmas (January 7th). Free Christmas Tree can also play Jingle Bells every hour.
Christmas tree 2008 version (christmastree15) download from HERE.

Everyone came across this little digital Christmas also thought it was a great idea.
Free Christmas Tree is a desktop companion in the shape of a traditional Christmas tree that counts down the days left to Christmas. The program's appearance can be customized with skins and the countdown date can also be changed to New Year's Day or Julian Christmas. Also, if you want to change the clock's font, open the program's menu and go to Skins – Edit skin font, but apparently the new settings are not saved when you exit the program.

In any case, this little Christmas tree is a funny widget for your desktop that will help you get in the mood for these days.

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