Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new way to get software for free and many more...

A new way to get software for free by using Trialpay .

At first you may ask , for those softwares are PRO not for free and must have a license , and “How is this possible?
Well, for starter it might not really come free. But the thing is here : It’s pretty much up to you. You’re in fact “buying” a license, but instead of your credit card you’ll be using a new concept of “TrialPay“.
The idea is that, to get something for free, let’s say a license for Moyea Flv soft, you’ll have to complete an offer from someone else. 
Read another merchant site. If and once you done so, TrialPay is being noticed, and send you your free license. It’ as simple as that.
Read all offers carefully, because some only ask you to register at their site, and this is a free registration. Sometimes all it takes is to fill out a form, and you’re done, offer completed!
And it works. I just registered at some site, filled in a few forms, and now I don’t have to fill forms anymore. ( you just getting RoboForm Pro and this soft does it for you !).
That’s right, I got a free license for RoboForm Pro software for free ! All I had to do is fill in a few forms.
Everything went smoothly, and the fact that big names are associated with TrialPay (authors of WinRAR, RoboForm, WinZIP or ZoneAlarm are using them), and that on their site you can learn that they’re a “rapidly growing online payment company backed by the investors of Skype, Google, and Akamai”, makes it all quite trustworthy.
One big downside to this though, on their site they describe TrialPay as an “online payment company”, and it actually is a pretty accurate description of things. TrialPay is a new method of payment, not a site where you can browse though all their different offers.
This is hard to understand for me, because I think many people would love to have a listing of all the softwares they could actually buy using this new method of paypment, especially when all it takes is to fill a form, yet TrialPay doesn’t offer such listing.
Basically all they say is, go to your usual merchant site, and see if they support TrialPay as payment method.
Hopefully it’ll change someday, for bloggers may reading more , and in the mean time someone compiled a great list of over 130 softwares that you can get using TrialPay.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

make your blog better with these webtools and small softwares.

Pike Place with Christmas ColdImage by papalars via Flickr

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas online for your Twitter and apps for Facebook.

Here are some really nice services that can help you with your Christmas shopping, songs, e-cards, videos, and there are some other goodies in this list. I've gathered them here so you can browse the content i posted on my Yousaytoo blog and below to see if anything matches your taste. If you spend so much time on the net like I do, I'm sure you'll find here some great tools that will make your holiday a bit more festive.Take a look to Twitter :

Twitter Junkies:
  •  TwitterGallery has a nicely done Christmas wallpaper that you can install in just few minutes (automatic installation).
  • Even more to get Twitter themes on TwitBacks
  • Tweetmas asks you: What would you like for Christmas?.
  • MerryTwitmas is gathering all the Christmas wishes from twitter into one stream.
  • Want an online picture Christmas-like avatar? Get it from this link and see who else has it! ( from their site )

Also for Facebook & Applications :
  • Pencake is an e-card platform which allows people to easily create and share greetings with their beloved ones. Check out Pencake
  • Fun-Cards: Send greeting cards to your friends for Christmas. You can attach cards to messages and wall posts, or upload your own photos to use as cards.
  • Twisted Christmas - Head up to the North-Pole and send fun Christmas gifts to your friends... 
  • Christmas Tree lets you create and customize your own Christmas Tree and display it on your profile. 

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