Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas online for your Twitter and apps for Facebook.

Here are some really nice services that can help you with your Christmas shopping, songs, e-cards, videos, and there are some other goodies in this list. I've gathered them here so you can browse the content i posted on my Yousaytoo blog and below to see if anything matches your taste. If you spend so much time on the net like I do, I'm sure you'll find here some great tools that will make your holiday a bit more festive.Take a look to Twitter :

Twitter Junkies:
  •  TwitterGallery has a nicely done Christmas wallpaper that you can install in just few minutes (automatic installation).
  • Even more to get Twitter themes on TwitBacks
  • Tweetmas asks you: What would you like for Christmas?.
  • MerryTwitmas is gathering all the Christmas wishes from twitter into one stream.
  • Want an online picture Christmas-like avatar? Get it from this link and see who else has it! ( from their site )

Also for Facebook & Applications :
  • Pencake is an e-card platform which allows people to easily create and share greetings with their beloved ones. Check out Pencake
  • Fun-Cards: Send greeting cards to your friends for Christmas. You can attach cards to messages and wall posts, or upload your own photos to use as cards.
  • Twisted Christmas - Head up to the North-Pole and send fun Christmas gifts to your friends... 
  • Christmas Tree lets you create and customize your own Christmas Tree and display it on your profile. 

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