Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Movie Cataloging Tools for blogger.

Best Movie Cataloging Tools.
I have so many friend online that interested to Watch New Movie online for free :get links watch from this blog Movies4Blogger. They're waiting to make Movie Catalog and now I adding this post for them !

If you're a Windows user, and seeing apps like Delicious Library leave you muttering words like "Apple-only," "pretty," and "stupid," calm your nerves and peek at Libra. The Windows app shares more than a few similarities with Delicious Library, and can manage more than just your movie collection. You can import your collection from other cataloging apps, enter items by scanning the bar codes on a web cam or actual scanner, or enter your titles manually. Libra has built in loan tracking, list creating tools for web posting, and an old-fashioned paper catalog print-out of your titles. Oh, and Libra also has the distinction of being among the free-as-in-beer applications in this list.
Eric's Movie Database is the smallest in scale, by far, of the applications in this week's Hive Five. Weighing in at just under 1MB, Eric's Movie Database is surrisingly effective for its spartan stature. If you're not looking for a flashy movie catalog, but want something a bit easier and more graphical than manually hacking together a spreadsheet, Eric's Movie Database is a great choice. You can search by cast, crew, director, or your own search terms. Cover art is grabbed from the Internet Movie Database, or you can supply your own if you want better quality. You can import and export your database as a text or HTML file, and for good reason—although you have to install and extract Eric's Movie Database, changes are written to its local directory, making the application semi-portable. Like Libra, Eric's Movie Database is free.

There are several great plugins availble that make DVD-P even better than it is by default :

  1. IVENLOS .[]
  2. LendAround is really good too... Find it here... Not only does it let you catalog your movie but it's premise is based upon the fact that your friends probably own enough movies for you to rent from there for a good 10 years or so... [].
  3. Movienizer for windows is an awesome one! I HIGHLY recommend people check it out. ( best of all- its freeware! .
  4. MyMovies : It comes in both x86 and x64 versions... something not all the programs above can do. It has a very powerful database for storing more info than you would want on you movies. You can cross reference actors, directors, etc. You can create a free account that allows you to post your collection online and you can browse the database from any computer to know whether you have a movie or not. Finally it links into WMC.... this plug-in then takes all the extra information and displays it within WMC and lets you play ripped DVD and discs directly, and will launch cyberlink for Blu-Ray if you have the program. It links into media center as a plug in as well.

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