Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tips and tricks guide to active windows 7 for free.

I received an Activator file of windows 7 and sharing now!
The sender use mail with anonymous name , mail listed a lot of posts about Windows 7 Activation and some crack - serial key...
I have some friend and students trying to active their windows seven with this file activator and they can make it success ease. It's seem an useful tip for blogging share article that i would like to sharing to everyone online , if needed you can grab for free right now!.

I clipped all contents of this author to posting below :
Cracker's Get Their Way Past Windows Activation Technologies On Windows 7 Allowing Pirates To Enjoy Genuine Status And Updates.

Hacker's succeeded in cracking Microsoft Windows 7 activation even before it got officially released on 22 October 2009, now the same guy Hazar has came up with another utility 'RemoveWAT' which claims to completely remove Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) from the operating-system allowing users with illegal copies of Windows 7 to activate their copies and enjoy retaining genuine status letting them receive all updates from Microsoft .
This will even let them pass the genuine check in Microsoft software's like Windows Defender.
The utility claims to uninstall the whole WAT thingy with all traces from the OS, after applying this crack there will be no windows activation section in Windows 7 control panel.

Used Hazar's activator - Worked perfectly - No 2010 limit no nothing - Very straight:

Bonus link :
For Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.
Supports slic and none slic enabled BIOS. Orbit30 :)

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