Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Download and use for free a new application: Producer for PowerPoint

Producer for PowerPoint Capture & sync audio, video with ease.

Ever heard of Producer application for Microsoft Office Powerpoint? It is a free download, that allows you to capture and synchronize audio, video, slides, and images from a web camera, video camera or from your computer screen.

You can later preview and publish rich media presentation anywhere for viewing in a web browser. Producer can import existing PowerPoint presentations, Windows Media files, still images and HTML files and then synchronize narrations with your video and PowerPoint presentations.

Download & use Producer for PowerPoint

  1. Download Producer for PowerPoint setup file. Double click to start install and follow on-screen installation instructions.

  2. If you never had Office 2007 or earlier installed, you need to download Office Animation Runtime component (which is not installed with Office 2010).

  3. Goto Start and open Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint. Start exploring and play around with options for rich interaction presentations.

And it's free!
How to download and install ?

So now you're wondering how you can join in with this beta and get yourself some of the new Producer goodness?

Well, here you go.
How to access the Producer for PowerPoint 2007 beta:
Click here to jump to the Connect site or type http://www.connect.microsoft.com in your web browser.

Click Sign In. Enter your Windows Live ID and password, and click Sign In again.
If you don’t have a Windows Live ID, click here to sign up for one.

If you have not used the Connect site before, a registration screen will display. Click any of the Register links and enter the requested details.

Choose one of these options and follow the steps:

If this is your first time accessing the Connect site:

Click the Connection Directory tab, and then click Office in the Categories list in the left-hand navigation pane.

Scroll through the list of available Connections and locate the Producer for PowerPoint 2007 Beta. You may want to change the Sort By criteria to list by Connection Name (A-Z) to locate it more quickly.

When you have found the link for the Producer beta, click the Apply Now link on the right. Clicking this link will jump to the Producer 2007 beta site.

If you are returning to the Connect site

Click the Your Dashboard tab, locate the link for the Producer for PowerPoint 2007 Beta site, and click it.

In the Producer for PowerPoint 2007 Beta site:
Review the FAQs and Links on the site for helpful information about Producer and this beta.

Click the Downloads link in the left-hand navigation pane to download and install Producer 2007.

Click the Feedback link in the left-hand navigation pane to report any issues and provide feedback to Microsoft.

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